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Bare Hill Publishing have recently released ‘The State of Art – Representational & Abstract #2’ and can be purchased from Amazon or directly from the BHP website. The book features my experimental prints that were created in the darkroom with traditional photographic chemicals and paper. I established this process of layering paint and collage directly onto True-Grain and Folex film to create huge ‘handmade negatives’. From these negatives I take a contact print inversing the monochrome image onto the light sensitive paper.

‘A snapshot of current contemporary art practice, 288 artworks from 51 representational and abstract artists in this anthology of new and emerging artists.

This is the first book from The State of Art #2. It brings together over 50 artists from all over the world and re-examines how contemporary artists are working within what could perhaps be considered the two main strands of artistic practice – the Representational and the Abstract’

Bare Hill Publishing

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